by Jamaican Queens

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>>>>REMIX SCAVENGER HUNT = remixes of songs from Wormfood>>>>



released March 5, 2013

Written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Ryan Spencer and Adam Pressley.

Additional vocals by Abby Fiscus, including lead vocals on Wormfood and Wellfleet Outro. She also photographed herself for this album's cover at Harper University Hospital.

Mixed by Chris Koltay.

Mastered by Heba Kadry.

Ryan Spencer, Adam Pressley, and Ryan Clancy are Jamaican Queens.


tags: pop Detroit


all rights reserved


Jamaican Queens Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Water
you took my heart
and i just sat there drinking water
and my heart suffered more and more each day
when we're apart, my love
you lay me like a child would
and take my heart
please let me lie down on your couch

and time and time again
i tell my baby we're just friends
and then she spends the morning
hanging out with them
and lends her weekly virgin vision to the end
i'm sorry, i'm really sorry, i really am

i don't even wanna
i don't even need things she sends
i don't wanna listen to you
i don't wanna spend time with her friends
i don't wanna do things for her
i don't wanna go down on her
i don't wanna tell you it's the end

ain't love a trap?
aren't you a mess?
you wear it well
i need you stressed
you're scared to die
alone, i know
you could be mine
you could be
Track Name: Kids Get Away
I follow you home and I borrow your phone. You keep letting all the children on your block keep slashing your tires. I was covered in mace. Lover, they cut up your face. Throwing up, I hit the ground ashamed as the kids drove away.
I’m annoyed by the sound that keeps leaving your mouth, and at the hospital I see your eyes staring at mine. And, as that bitch births hell inside my brain, we let the kids get away.
I wanna help you to bed and I wanna do what you said. As all the compliments go to my head, it’s disillusion again.

I wanna get in your shower and I wanna be with you now. Your face heals up and now you look like me-- how unfortunately. And, as I tear the fucking rubble from your face, we let the kids get away. And I see them almost every fucking day. We let the kids get away.
Track Name: Black Madonna
i don't care if you believe in greener pastures
it's all it's all
and you can keep your silly metaphors

and i don't think that i'll be worrying about your pastor
who's been sleeping on your mattress

i hung my love up what was left of me when i was only seventeen
and it's been mocking me
i'll tell my boss to go and fuck himself in probably just another week

taller grass it seems to get me into trouble these days
and can i please borrow your plow?
and sleazy gas attendants seduce your siblings it's hard
and can i please borrow your car?

i was obsessed with you
when i saw you around
and i was trying so hard
to drive you around

oh please come save me my lord
oh please come save me my lord
oh please come lift me up you angel
lift me up you handsome devil
polish my corroded soul

they can call it what you want you're just depressed well it's hard
and i'll be better by next week
due to lack of sleep and lovelessness and stress it's a scream
but i don't wanna go

and you can take me to the shrine of the black madonna to get saved
she keeps mocking me
and i will run right to his side but we can both see that i won't behave
Track Name: Can't Say No to Annie
she's partial that's the point in houndstooth
always yells my name out calls me loudly
and says i'm sorry
even well prepared you had a diligent
teenager for a boyfriend
and i'm your boyfriend
next time that i collapse into your arms
i'd rather die in public service
with all the shit shows
and going out is such a waste of time
but let me out
let me out show me the door
i'm sleeping on your floor
with my head on your chest
they say it takes more than i got
the may sun sets so slow

on annie
oh annie
anymore would cause you pain
but i can't say no
i can't say no to annie

just as i was nineteen years old
you can lick my earlobes if you want to
but leave your shirt on
a combination no distraction
christ, she cried out, everybody's dead here
and i believed you
your touchy little fingers
through my hair you write your name
across my forearm
and i belong to you
and going out is such a waste of time
Track Name: Wormfood
you’re feeling lonely

you’re feeling blue

you feel down hearted

just remember
we’re all wormfood
Track Name: Wellfleet Outro
find my dumb heart a girlfriend
i could call you but i never want to
i feel guilty next to your stupid body
and i love you
i can explain my bruises

you bring me down
i don't want to live here with you anymore

am i sad babe?
find a mayor take his shirt off
are you sick now my little stoned dancer?
when it snows we slip
and your girlfriend says to fuck myself
ravers always think with their noses
Track Name: Sharkteeth
my friends they don't respect me
yet they tell me that they love me
let the lord lay his hand on me
'cause i want to settle down
no i want to drive around

baby don't mistake me
baby tells me that he hates me
and the lord has been so good to me
i want to settle down
no i want to drive around

i thought i saw my brother cry
and tried to make his pain subside
and licked the tears from out his eyes
i want to settle down
no i want to drive around

to say i would go down on you for days
is still an understatement
your friends still have anxiety
i want to settle down
no i want to drive around

(and all my friends are there)
and the cops show up, well the cops shut up
(will you drive me home)
'cause i'm seeing light in the strangest place
(at least i'm still alive)
can you kiss me dear, will you kiss me?
i'm trying to be faithful, can you tell?

love will take our sanity and
if i do fuck with your head
know none of us are saints in here
i want to settle down
no i want to drive around

with some young lover's number tattooed
just below your ankle, baby
will you come away with me?
i want to settle down
Track Name: Asleep at the Wheel
asleep at the wheel
i'm on my way
what a wonderful goal- to expire
don't you wake me

i'm not as selfish as you claim
but i've made mistakes
traveling means love
don't you try to save me

‘cause i'm okay
yes i'm okay

and you're mine
you're mine
i'm your moth
and you're my light

it takes a lot to mellow out
i'm unimpressed
the source of your joy is away
it keeps pulling on my sleeve

and you can follow me to hell
but i'll never tell
if you're into fickle guys
i can be your sunburned-back black fair-skinned child

but i'm okay

asleep at the wheel
i'm on my way
what a wonderful goal- to die
don't you wake me

i'm not as selfish as you claim
but i've made mistakes
traveling means love
don't you try to save me

’cause i'm okay
Track Name: Caitlin
caitlin don't you hide your love away
don't hide your love away
caitlin that's a real far way to drive
i still sit around complaining all the time
caitlin that's a real far way to drive for me
and that distance gonna drive me to insanity

i've begun to think of love
as an impossibility- do you agree?
i've begun to think of sex
the way i do money and i'll be
swinging by my neck
from atop your balcony
and i'll be eaten by your pets
they love the taste of blood
and will you take care of my debt
cos when it rains it floods

and i'm sorry about the earth around you caving in

caitlin now your sister's gone for good
i'm still doing all the things i said i would
caitlin i don't mean to make you cry
but i'm selfish and i need you in my life
baby don't you move back to your mom's
distance doesn't make us grow more fond of you