by Jamaican Queens

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released June 2, 2015

Ryan Spencer, Adam Pressley, Charles Trees, and Ryan Clancy are Jamaican Queens.

Written, produced, recorded, and mixed by Ryan Spencer and Adam Pressley.
Additional production by Izaak Schlossman.
Mixed by Chris Koltay.
Mastered by Heba Kadry.
Artwork by Will.


tags: pop Detroit


all rights reserved


Jamaican Queens Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: You Can Fall In Love With Anyone
i've got four little girls
so i cut my heart into
four little pieces
and still you want more

i've got four pairs of eyes
on all that i do
and i'm still alive
and if i should die
well i'm dying for you

so stay pretty girl stay
stay where you are
i'm bleeding for you

and even though we're lovers
you'll learn
you can fall in love with anyone
Track Name: Never Felt Love
is it just me
do you smell mold do you like that
do you feel nervous

i could kiss some sleep out of your daytime eyes
oh that's weird
and it's offending you dear
i've never felt love
i know that you're lonely
i know that that's scary to you
well it's scaring me, too

she hardly speaks
speaks to me is it worth it
then get on your knees
she was dragged from the hitch of my best friend's car
oh that's horrible to think
but i think of it now
she said i never had a heart
well that's obvious as anything
and it's scaring me, too

and all the little things that i'm doing right here
they're just accidents
and obviously baby come on you can see
through my confidence
and as sure as all the air that we're breathing
oh it's just nitrogen
and i compose myself you know
i'm right big deal so long

it's hard to think
'cause i smell blood she was drinking
do you feel stupid
i could cut the tension from a bad exchange
oh you're terrible at dealing
but let's deal with it now
express your disdain
and you can hold me in contempt for days
and you can do the things your mother says
and it's scaring me, too
Track Name: Love Is Impossible
like a bird
tricked by a pane of glass
i smashed through the window of your love
it's absurd
and all your friends are too fast
and every broken window means much less to me

i bled to death
but now i'm fine
subject to which day i respond
i need some time

i thought
you were beautiful
but i'm

life isn't all that bad
but love is impossible

like a bird
they'll say she died so young
dream of different ways to keep me holding on
it's absurd
and it's the sketchiest place to be
and every dipshit clique you hang with's boring me

i thought you
were beautiful
but i'm
i felt
it uncomfortable
and traded nights of sleep
i tried to wake you up but
no one's there
Track Name: Bored + Lazy
the tragedy takes way too long
and you're concerned with consequences
well so am i

the waiting rooms are all the same
but hospitals still haunt me honey
and you will, too

stick them in a boarding school
and feed them rice and nicotine
candace had her eyes torn out
and no one's even noticing

bored and lazy
i kiss you you hate it
kneel down baby talk to me
they sell us fake ecstasy

you keep their wine i'll keep their kids
they think they know your motives
i've seen love i've seen your eyes

your mayor has two swimming pools
and baby i've been bathing with him
age may feel suffocating
when your mother's looks are fading

it'll be alright
you'll be just fine
it'll be alright
Track Name: Anna
is it useless
i don't know
if it hurts you
let it go

i give you eyes like this
all the time you never
change your mind
you spoiled brat
i have a right to know
you owe me that
i might do something dumb
i always do
the side effects
don't mean a thing
until you punch me out
i'll be alone


it can feel contrived
i tell you that you're someday gonna die
and no one here can help you realize
that everyone and all you know
will leave behind and no one here
is any less wrong

is it manic
that i ask
as you're staring
i lean back

and give you eyes like this
they used to work but now the
bone and skin is all that's left
you were a charming kid
and now you're grown
the things you say are sick
and i let you get away with it
don't suck them dry
they never know
i wanna get you back but don't have time
Track Name: Don't Call Me Up
and when you say you wanna die
you still don't call me up
you still don't call me up
and i just wanna say goodbye
you still don't call me up
you still won't call me up
with law enforcement in the way
you still don't call me up
you still can't call me up
your doting cousin in a motel trying to find the one he loves
you still won't call me up
you still don't call me

he doesn't love you
he doesn't care
but he's still there
i may be reckless
i may need time
but he's still there

do you know their name by heart
or do you know them well
see it's just so hard to tell with you
it takes too much patience settle down

the ground recedes into the sea
please don't call me up
please don't call me
your father lies his head on me
you still don't call me up
you still don't call me up
and there's a million ways to die
you still don't call me up
you still don't call me up
and jaime owes me money but i'll probably never see a dime
you still don't call me up
you still don't call me
Track Name: Joe
i wanna get em back but there's no way
and everyone looks so delighted
i'd rather be dead than be so enslaved
they'll do it to you next oh god
i want you in the most confusing way
and all my friends are so depressed but
oh no
sometimes this house gets so cold
but i'm too broke to ever turn the heat up high

do you think i'm crazy do you?

all of your boys work at night
and i'm laughing my head off
the thought of us kissing in public
in my defense though, my dad's a republican
my awful grin says yeah come on in
all the warm air in the day
well it leaves us here waiting
the taste of your mouth is amazing
shower off let me inside saying
man you're not welcome here
and i'll disappear
all the good boys...
Track Name: Emo + Poor
you have to hurt a little while
it feels alright
you have to hurt the ones you love
to pass the time

then police surround my girl
take me home

'cause i don't want to
think about it
see them someday
i just want to
eat pills and sleep
and you don't understand me
how could you now
they want me dead
and i don't blame them
orange capsules, estrogen
make them feel terrible
and i can't even go on
how could i
it's getting harder

if love is found it's fading fast
she feels alright
if love is found with just one glance
i'll lose my sight

the candle seems to melt away
i ask you take your fucking time with me

'cause i don't want to
think about it
i ignore the arrogant
insensitive loose way you speak
and you don't understand them
how could you now
you get so paranoid
and leave them in the
place you found them
passively you'll
meet me in the hospital
and i can't even go on
why would i
it's getting harder
but you understand me
it's getting harder

scoff at them blush
it's never enough
but you can never ever trust me that's fine
but you will trust me in time

no harm no shame
is ever the same
and you can never ever trust me again
you never trusted me then

love mixed with drugs
was never as fun
as when i was emotional and poor
i'm still emotional and poor
Track Name: If You Really Love Me
if you really love me
you know not to tell me
i've been wandering around all night
if you got the nerve i don't mind
it can be deceiving i've been
turning my lights on i know
that you're right

hold your hand out it's a gesture babe
go and get them 'cause they stole something
i never wanted to seek your praise
but i received it near the bagley bridge

pull the trigger you won't feel a thing
make your mind up we don't have all day
i only did it 'cause it caused you pain
i'm fairly certain you would do the same

in december i could still scrape by
dreaming of romantic ways to die
i want to jump off of a crowded bridge
to feel the pain of splashing in the street

but i don't mind
how could i mind
for most our youth we under slept
which keeps us here and soaking wet
but how could i possibly mind

i don't care
how could i care
i can't sleep alone at night
so medicate and pacify me
how could i possibly care
Track Name: Cold Babe
and don't act so controlled i was not
i had you to myself but you could care less

keep your opinions to yourself
keep your thoughts for you only
you were saying nothing much
you can be my cold babe

and i was slightly odd and you were normal
i'm obsessed with myself and beg for laughter

keep your hands where they belong
keep your hands on mine
you can scream into my ear
you can be my cold babe

and i can never blink again
if you go i'll never stand again
i'm having trouble with my love
don't plant no dead seeds in my garden anymore
don't call me roughneck little girl
the boys are trying to bring you home to meet their moms
but i only care for you
and you only care for me

the girl bluffs while she flirts and i was careful
i have no interest in your hobbies so don't distract me

i make up stories all the time
so fabricate me
don't worry about the government
when all is cold babe